English menu

Winter Menu 2022-2023


100g / 215,- Kč

Beef carpaccio

with basil pesto, lime, truffle mayonnaise, balsamic vinegar, parmesan shavings, leaves lettuce and baguettes 

100g / 215,- Kč

Salmon Gravlax

marinated salmon with teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayonnaise, fermented cucumber, leaves lettuce and baguettes

6ks / 265,-

 Fried King prawns in Kataifi pastry

mixed green salad with julienne vegetables, asian peanut sauce, lime and rice chips 


0,33 l / 75Kč

Strong beef broth 

with root vegetable and roll with minced meat and veal liver

0,33 l / 75Kč

Krkonošské kyselo (Sourdough Soup)

with wild mushroom, potatoes, eggs and bread mousse  

Main course:

200g / 285,-Kč

Grilled Chicken Breast Supreme 

mashed potatoes wit gingerbread, glazed vegetables, spinach cream sauce with pink peppercorn  

200g / 295,-

Pork tenderloin sous-vide

roasted celeriac puree, glazed vegetables, our potato croquettes with bacon and truffle demi-glace sauce

200g / 285,- Kč

Slow-roasted deer leg

  svíčková creamy sauce, Karlsbad dumplings, cranberries, lemon and whipped cream

400g / 265,-Kč

Roast pork ribs

mustard mayonnaise with horseradish, pickled curry cornichons and our bread

200g / 275,-Kč

FARMA Burger

made from minced dry-aged chuck roll steak in home made bun, served with Cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cornichons, bacon-onion mayonnaise and fries

200g / 275,-Kč

Asian Roasted and shredded duck meat 

onion, lettuce salad, pickled curry cucumbers, our baguette and sweet potato fries 


200g / 285,-Kč

Baked Sea Bass Fillet

on herb butter with lime

200g / 295,-Kč

Baked salmon Fillet

on herb butter with lime


250g / 355,-Kč

Rump steak Grain-fed Angus - Argentina

dry-aged beef steak

200 g / 375,- Kč, 300 g / 545,-Kč

Beef tenderloin - Brazil

  Dry-aged bull

250g / 335,-Kč

 Beef Sirloin - U.S.A.

Dry-aged beef steak


300g / 195,- Kč

Tagliatelle aglio olio e peperoncino

chilli, garlic, parsley, olive oil and parmesan shavings 

On request:

With salmon  + 70,-Kč

With beef Sirloin steak + 70,-Kč



150g /250g / 235,- Kč

Chicken Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce, chicken breast, anchovy dressing, crispy bacon, bread croutons and parmesan cheese.


150g / 250g / 265,-Kč

Salad Farma

thinly sliced roast beef, coleslaw, lettuce salad, pickled red onion, nuts and our bread

Children menu:

85g / 145,-Kč

Crispy pan-seared salmon filet with potato puree and glazed vegetables. 

250g / 95,-Kč 

Tagliatelle pasta with tomato sauce  and grind cheese. 

85g / 115,-Kč

Breaded chicken escalope with chips and ketchup


135,- Kč

Plum creme brule

with caramel sauce , chocolate crumble and cinnamon ice cream

135,- Kč  

Chocolate fondant

with fruits coulis, cookie crumbs and vanilla ice cream

(baking time 15 min)

Side dishes:

95,- Kč 250g Mixed leaf  and fresh vegetables salad vegeta

95,- Kč 250 g Onion rings with herb dip

50,- Kč 200 g Steak fries

75,-Kč 200 g sweet potato fries

75,- Kč 250 g Roasted potatoes with bacon, garlic and onion

85,- Kč 250 g Grilled vegetables 

55,- Kč 2 pcs Home made baguette with herbs


Warm sauces:

(sauces are cooked from home made demi-glace)

45,- Kč Green peppercorn sauce   

45,- Kč Chilli sauce      

45,- Kč Wild mushroom sauce

45,- Kč Buerre blanc sauce - (great with fish)

Cold sauces:

40,- Kč Tartar sauce

35,- Kč  Ketchup