English menu


100g / 185,- Kč

Salmon  carpaccio

Served with glazed tomatoes, citrus oil, leaves of lettuce and baguette

100g / 185,- Kč

Beef carpaccio

With basil pesto, lime, glazed tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, parmesan shavings, leaves lettuce and toast

100g/145,- Kč

Duck rillettes

Shredded duck meat in duck fat with onion and home made bread


0,33 l / 65Kč

Strong beef broth

with julienne root vegetable, beef meat, parsley and herb pancake

0,33 l / 65Kč


Traditional Czech creamy soup with poached egg, mushroom, potatoes and dill




Rump steak Grain-fed Angus - Argentina

Dry-aged Angus

200 g / 345,- Kč, 300 g / 495,-Kč

Beef Tenderloin - Brazil

Dry-aged bull

250g / 285,-

Beef Sirloin steak - Czech

Very tender steak from Czech farm

200 g / 245,-Kč

Flank steak -  Uruguay

Dry-aged steak from the middle of beef belly

900g / 1450,-

Grand Beef Mix-Tasting beef steak plate

For 2 to 4 persons

200g Tenderloin, 200g Flank steak, 250g Rump steak, 250g Sirloin steak,

300g grilled vegetable, 300g roasted potato,

green pepper sauce and BBQ sauce


200g / 255,-Kč

FARMA Burger

Steak made from minced dry-aged chuck roll steak in home made bun, served with Cedar cheese, bacon, lettuce, red onion, chipotle mayonnaise and chips



200g / 375,-Kč

Pike perch

Roasted Pike perch filet with pine butter, with pumpkin puree, glazed seasonal vegetables, Krkonoše mushroom cake and white wine and dill sauce

200g / 275,-Kč


Grilled salmon fillet with fresh herbs and lemon grass

200g / 275,-Kč

Nile perch

Roasted filet of Nile perch with fresh herbs and lemon grass

5ks / 255,- Kč

Tygří krevety

Fried in Kataifi Pastry, served with lettuce leaves salad, avocado, vegetables, sesame seeds, herbs baguettes and Sweet-chilli dipping sauce


200g / 265,- Kč

Chicken breast supreme

baked on hay with herbs, served with potatoes, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and cheddar cheese sauce

250g / 265,- Kč

Beef cheeks confit

with red vine sauce, root vegetables, mashed potatoes and fried onion

250g / 265,-Kč

Duck leg confit

served with potatoes dumplings, red cabbage with cranberry and strong sauce

200g /265g,-Kč

Pork tenderloin- sous vide

with pumpkin puree, savoy cabbage, Brussels sprout, cherry tomatoes and bacon sauce


150g / 300g

Tagliatelle pasta with salmon 225,- Kč
Tagliatelle pasta with prawns  225,- Kč
with spinach, garlic, wine, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, Parmesan cheese shavings


150g /250g / 195,- Kč

Chicken Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce, chicken breast, anchovy dressing, crispy bacon, bread croutons and parmesan cheese

100g / 250g / 195,-Kč

Marinated beetroot carpaccio

with grilled goat cheese, orange, leaves of lettuce, vinaigrette dressing, nuts and herb baguette


75g / 135,-Kč

Crispy pan-seared salmon filet with potato puree and glazed vegetable

250g / 85,-Kč

Tagliatelle pasta with tomato sauce and grind cheese

75g / 115,-Kč

Breaded chicken escalope with chips and ketchup

3ks / 105,-Kč

Fruit dumplings stuffed with strawberries, icing sugar and whipped cream


95,- Kč 250g Mixed leaf and fresh vegetable salad

85,- Kč 250 g Baked potatoes with sour cream, bacon and onion

50,- Kč 200 g Potato pure

55,- Kč 200 g Basmati rice

85,- Kč 200 g Onion rings with herb dip

45,- Kč 200 g Chips

60,- Kč 250 g Roasted potatoes with bacon, garlic and onion

60,- Kč 200 g Green beans with red onion, bacon and garlic

60,- Kč 250 g Grilled vegetables

45,- Kč 2 pcs Home made baguette with herbs



(Home made demi-glace is used for sauces)

45,- Kč Green peppercorn sauce 

45,-Kč BBQ

45,- Kč Chilli    

45,- Kč Wild mushroom

60,- Kč   Cognac

45,- Kč Beurre blanc- recommended for fish


40,- Kč Tartar sauce

35,- Kč  Ketchup


35,- Kč Herb butter with sea salt


125,- Kč

Orange Crème Brûlée

with chocolate ice cream and nuts crumbs

115,- Kč

Chocolate fondant

with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream

(baking time 15.min)

1 scoop / 25,- Kč

Ice or sorbets - according to the offer


75g / 65,-Kč

Roasted almonds 

List of allergens will present waiter if you like to know.
After consulting with chef is possible to change side dish with your main corse if you wish so.
If you like to order half portion, we will charge you 75% of the price. Food is possible to pack into take away box, each box will be charge 10.-Kč